fuckboy repellent

freedom from fuckboys

♥ What Is Fuckboy Repellent ♥

Fuckboy Repellent is a beautifully packaged room & body spray to literally repel the fuckboys out of your life. You’ve heard of pheromones & how they work, right? Well, Fuckboy Repellent is the OPPOSITE. It's a fresh scent & pick-me-up for when those fuckboys have got you down.

Our blend of 100% organic citrus essential oils are proven to:

♥ Enhance your mood and emotional balance because fuckboys are the worst

♥ Ease your stress and anxiety from dealing with the endless barrage of fuckboys

♥ Boost your mental focus and physical energy to help you fight off fuckboy advances

♥ Purify your mind and body by removing toxins like fuckboy memories

♥ Strengthen your immune system and your immunity to fuckboys

Whether you have a current fuckboy stressing you out, or your heart (& vagina) have just been through the ringer too many times by these motherfuckers, our spray will calm you down while repelling these demonic sorcerers out of your path.

Are you ready to exorcise fuckboys out of your life? Are you ready for fuckboys to become obsolete & removed from your line of sight? Finally, a product to fix & rid the world of these delicious but deadly creatures.

This product is not cruelty free -- it has been tested on actual fuckboys.

100% Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paraben-Free, & Phthalate-Free. Every bottle is handcrafted and poured with love in California.

♥ What You Get ♥

♥ Fuckboy Repellent (4oz glass bottle)

100% organic citrus essential oils infused with invigorating ingredients that repel fuckboys like commitment, emotional connection, invitations to meet your parents, relationship labels, goodnight texts, women's intuition, the "What are we?" conversation, & more

♥ Instruction card

♥ Tracking link & delivery update emails

♥ Free U.S. shipping on all orders

♥ Freedom from fuckboys

♥ Why You Need This ♥

Do you have a boy in your life who won’t text you back at night but in the morning says “Sorry, I fell asleep”? Maybe a boy who likes pics of other girls on social media & when asked says it’s no big deal? Are you tired of boys to talk about how they hate cheaters yet they’re sleeping with 13 different girls?

Well, my babe, you need Fuckboy Repellent because you are either 1) too weak to resist their bullshit (aka devil dick) or 2) your begging them to stop & be a decent human being is not getting through.

If you've gotten used to putting men in your phone as “we’ll see” instead of their God-given name, you need Fuckboy Repellent. If you are settling for splitting a check on the 1st date, you need Fuckboy Repellent. If you just took a load to the throat but the guy won’t call you his girlfriend or post pictures of you on social media, you need Fuckboy Repellent. It will repel all of those boys who are just no good for you.

We all know what they look like. They’re hot, they have nice haircuts, they smell really good, & they offer you the world. But all they really have to offer is a guaranteed round of antibiotics from the gyno & inevitably a broken heart. It’s 2018 ladies, we don’t stress over these guys anymore. Fuckboy Repellent will solve all of your fuckboy problems. 

♥ The Science ♥

Let’s get real, babes. Fuckboys are ALMOST irresistible. They come in all shapes & sizes. Some are very obvious fuckboys. Some are disguised as real men who have their shit together. Whether you’re dealing with some broke down, jobless, mooching fuckboy or the suit wearing, money flashing fuckboy -- & anything in between -- Fuckboy Repellent will help.

It's the perfect gift to give all your best girlfriends or buy for yourself because we ALL ignore the red flags our guts warn us they’re fuckboys before we have the chance to say No to Netflix & Chill.

We've laced this shit with some serious essential oils that ward off bad juju, devil dick, & fuckboys with bad intentions. While the essential oils make you feel confident & rejuvenated, enough to look Mr. Handsome Fuckboy in the eye & exclaim “Not today, Satan!”, it will also make Mr. Wrong subconsciously aware that you are not down for his pelvic sorcery.

It'll help you make better decisions, like saying Yes to a date with the nice boy in the coffee shop instead of the asshat during last call at your favorite dive. It's a push in the right direction to starting your new life -- drama free, stress free, & fuckboy free!

♥ How To Use ♥

Fuckboy Repellent is a room & body spray for your home, bedroom, linens, clothes, car, & body. Spray it anywhere you wish to repel fuckboys.

Misting your wrists & neck should suffice, but if you need the power of the universe to curve these devils, spray it all over. You can also bring it with you to the gym as well as nightclubs, concerts, bars -- basically anywhere alcohol is served.

You can apply it to yourself & surroundings to repel fuckboys, or spray it on the actual fuckboy. Who knows, it may repel the fuckboy out of him!

Put our NO FUCKBOYS sticker on conspicuous places like your car, notebook, or water bottle. Let everyone know you have joined our no nonsense No Fuckboys club!

When a fuckboy gets sprayed with it they magically disappear.

~Amber from New York, NY

When we went out and fuckboys asked what scent she was wearing, her answer “Fuckboy Repellent” was enough to make them leave her alone! 

~Jill from Las Vegas, NV

I sprayed it on myself and refused to stop until my Tinder date asked me what the hell I was doing. I replied "I’m spraying Fuckboy Repellent on so you’ll either leave, or hopefully it’ll expel the fuckboy out of you -- either way, I win."

~Riley from Los Angeles, CA

Hilarious product. What girl wouldn’t want Fuckboy Repellent? Smells great too! 

~Brittany from Dallas, TX