♥ How To Identify A Fuckboy ♥

fuckboy anatomy

What is a fuckboy? Are you worried you or a girlfriend may be dating a fuckboy?

This comprehensive list features the main signs and symptoms of various types of fuckboys in order to help you identify them before they ruin your dating life.

There are many examples of what constitutes a fuckboy, so we’ve conducted hundreds of interviews with poor, unfortunate souls that have had firsthand experience with fuckboys in order to discover their commonalities, games, methodologies, and inner workings.

Information is power. Please use this reference -- and our Fuckboy Repellent -- as your first lines of defense against fuckboys and their devil dick!

Fuckboy 101

Before we dive deep, it’s best to first familiarize yourself with the primary symptoms of how typical fuckboys act. The main signs of a fuckboy are as follows:

He won't text you back for hours or days, and his excuses are usually “I fell asleep”, “I just saw your text”, or “I’m really busy but I promise I like you and I’ll answer back every chance I can”.

He thirst traps by posting selfies, typically at the gym and especially ab selfies, hoping women will comment.

He shows little to no signs of being a gentleman. He won’t open doors, give you flowers, walk on the traffic side of the street, pull out your chair, etc.

He uses you for sex.

He won’t post any pictures of you on social media.

When asked about a potential future, he responds he doesn’t like labels or being smothered.

He shows no remorse if you voice that he has hurt you.

Breeds Of Fuckboys

Now that you’re familiar with fuckboy basics, it’s time to examine the different types of fuckboys that exist out there in the wild.

cocky fuckboyThe Cocky Fuckboy

This type of fuckboy is God’s gift to women -- or at least he thinks so. All they really care about is their haircut, wardrobe, and car which they will shell out monumental money for (while either living in their parents’ basement or a disgusting apartment with 2 or more other fuckboys). Everything to this fuckboy is about outward appearance so he needs to have the hottest chicks by his side at all times. Be warned -- if you’re busy one night he asks you to hang out you can be sure that this fuckboy has a blackbook filled with girls just as hot as you to go out with him.

The “Did you fuck him?” Fuckboy

This fuckboy will accuse you of being a whore and sleeping around. This is a huge red flag because it is merely his insecurities about what HE is actually doing being projected onto you.

The Broke Ass Fuckboy

He will ask you out and when the bill comes will either be in the bathroom or patting his pants pockets, stalling to see if you’ll foot the bill or at least reach for your wallet. Of course it’s fine for all genders to pay for meals and activities, but do not let these fuckboys make you pay every single time. They will eventually use you to buy their groceries, gas, and even ask for money to secretly take other girls out on dates.

wealthy fuckboy

The Wealthy Fuckboy

The opposite of the Broke Ass Fuckboy but only in finances. Don’t let the fact that he will spare no expense and spend all of his money on you cloud the fact that he is still morally bankrupt.

The “Let’s just chill, I don’t like labels” Fuckboy

This fuckboy has likely been hurt in the past so he doesn’t like labels. He just wants to go with the flow and invade your vagina (and everyone else’s) while still being able to sleep at night because he believes he’s doing the right thing by not calling you his girlfriend while doing everything else that people in monogamous relationships do (except being monogamous).

fuckboy ab gym selfie instagram

The Gym Selfie Fuckboy

This is pretty self explanatory. He has 12 abs and everyone who has ever come across his social media knows it. We’re not sure if this fuckboy actually owns a shirt. He hasn’t eaten a carb or given a fuck about a girl’s feelings in years.

The Unsolicited Dick Pic Fuckboy

Ew. Just ew. Never in history has a woman wanted a random dick pic from someone she doesn’t know well, if at all. NOT EVER. Seriously, the fuckboy(s) that started this disgusting trend should be forced to look at every unsolicited dick pic ever sent as punishment.

The “She’s just a friend” Fuckboy

This fuckboy thinks that hiding his secrets in plain sight is the way to go. He might even go so far as to introduce you to his hot girl “friends” so you think you’re in the clear and won’t question him when he hangs out with her. But ask yourself this: what does he call you to them? You are probably just another one of his hot girl “friends” that he likes to stick his dick into every once in a horny while.

party fuckboyThe Party Fuckboy

They tend to be younger, but unfortunately some in their 30s are still partying as fuckboys. This is a hybrid frat bro + douchebag + fuckboy. They're very fun yet very dangerous. They'll ignore your requests to have a night in and choose partying over you every single time, citing “Bros before hos” and “Saturdays are for the boys”.

The Quarterly Fuckboy

This fuckboy will ruin your life, your trust, and your vagina. Then they’ll try to hit you up every few months to see if you’ll let him back in to ruin your life all over again. These fuckboys are famous for their “I miss you” texts when you know damn well that he mass texted that to every girl in his phone that he hasn’t spoken to in a while. He’ll also occasionally like/comment on your social media posts to make sure you remember he’s still around, lurking in the shadows waiting for the right time to strike again.

undercover fuckboyThe Undercover Fuckboy

Women beware; we’ve saved the worst for last. This is the most dangerous of all fuckboys because he is undetectable to the naked eye. He can look like a sweet dude, sound great on paper, be extremely well-spoken, and have his friends and family all convinced that he is a catch but you will find out in due time that he is the worst fuckboy you could ever have imagined. He will have you falling in love just as quickly as that love turns to anxiety. He keeps you at a distance from day one as to condition you to be used to days between texts and weeks between dates. He’s smart and calculating because he knows how to play the game better than most fuckboys. He thinks he won’t get caught, and he usually doesn’t until your heart is broken and you’re exhausted and crazy from his mindfuck.

Red Flags He's A Fuckboy

fuckboys datingLadies, be sure to watch out for these fuckboy red flags. The more flags that pile up, the more trouble you’re in.

He doesn’t respect his mother or treat her well.

He acts as if he’s allergic to making plans (other than having sex with you).

His friends are always very careful about what they say around you because they can’t keep his girls straight.

He calls all of his ex-girlfriends and ex-hookups “crazy”.

His snapchats to you seem generic and vague as if he just sent them to a number of other girls.

When he disappears for a few days he offers way too many details to rationalize his absence, or rather offers no explanation whatsoever.

He turns his phone upside down, if his phone appears at all. It’s usually in his pocket or anywhere as far away from you as possible.

He likes random girls’ half naked pictures on social media.

He talks about his goals and how someday he’s “going to make it” but as of right now he’s taking zero initiative towards achieving those goals.

He always seems to have all the right things to say, especially when it comes to agreeing with you and ESPECIALLY if you’re about to have sex with him.

Common Texts From Fuckboys

fuckboy textsProbably the easiest way to identify a fuckboy is by the texts he sends you. Such texts commonly include:

Wyd? (Usually sent 15 minutes prior to the bar's closing time.)

U up? (Again, usually sent 15 minutes prior to the bar's closing time.)

Send nudes. (For the love of God ladies, do not ever send anyone nudes. The internet is forever.)

Sorry I didn’t say goodnight, I fell asleep.

Sorry I didn’t respond to your text days ago, I just saw it.

● A
n unsolicited dick pic.

Netflix & Chill?

The Situationship

What is a "situationship" and why is it the most you can ever expect with a fuckboy?

A situationship has all the signs of an actual real relationship EXCEPT fuckboys use it only to their benefit. They will lie, cheat, and use you. And if they get caught with another girl, they will automatically use the excuse that you two weren't in a committed relationship in the first place so they didn't do anything wrong.

You introduced him to your family (though his fam probably doesn't know you exist). You spent the holidays with him and got him awesome, thoughtful gifts (while he probably got you some generic basic bullshit). You regularly go on cute dates and run errands like grocery shopping together.

You do exactly what couples do yet he will never call you his girlfriend. That is a situationship. And the situationship will end as soon as it is too stressful or no longer beneficial for him.

fuckboy sex

In Closing

There you have it, ladies. Be sure to reread this article until you know it like the back of your hand and share it with your girlfriends!

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