♥ Our Mission ♥

fuckboy girlOUR MISSION IS TO EMPOWER WOMEN. By making light about an epidemic that has plagued womankind in recent years, we hope to bring awareness to the ability to identify fuckboys and deny their devilish advances, therefore helping all fuckboys realize that their bullshit no longer works on us. Hopefully they will change their fuckboy ways, and the fuckboy plague will become obsolete.

No Fuckboys Club Manifesto:

1st Rule: Talk about No Fuckboys Club.
2nd Rule: Talk about No Fuckboys Club!
3rd Rule: Never leave your home without your Fuckboy Repellent. These fuckers are everywhere!
4th Rule: Curve every fuckboy any chance you get.
5th Rule: Gift Fuckboy Repellent to any woman in your life that you care about (even the happily married ones; fuckboys know no boundaries).
6th Rule: Display your No Fuckboys stickers so the world knows you mean no nonsense.