♥ Our Story ♥

fuckboy repellent las vegasI grew up in Las Vegas, NV. As you can probably imagine, Las Vegas is THE mecca of fuckboys. I’m pretty sure they were invented or discovered here. The worst part about it is not only do they run rampant as locals, but tourists come from all over the world to live out their fuckboy fantasies that they might not have otherwise experienced in their hometowns. 

I am also a writer of heartbreak poetry and been through the ringer as far as dating in this city goes. Tired of being asked for nudes before a first date, left at a bar because a guy wanted to eat tacos more than have a conversation with me, and dating a guy for a few months that didn’t want to make anything official because he wanted to fuck girls at the annual rave cruise he attends, I was fed up.

fuckboy dating
One night, I was contemplating what the least common denominator of all of my failed relationships could be. And it hit me, much like Benjamin Franklin must have felt when he got his ass electrocuted -- fuckboys! They were the problem! While I thought I was connecting with these individuals, developing human emotions, and working towards the goal of a committed relationship, they were connecting their dicks to any and everyone who would let them.

I created this brand because as hilarious and fun it is to call certain men fuckboys, being on the end of their mental games is not. I hope to start conversations of what makes a man a fuckboy and how we are able to change that. I understand there are millions of men out there who are not fuckboys, and I encourage all fuckboys to be more like them. And I also understand that this is not a male specific problem -- there are a fair share of "fuckgirls" out there too.

Let’s learn how to treat each other with love and respect, and in the meantime, get out there and go repel the fuck out of those fuckboys!

~Lenoir Wilde, Founder