♥ Testimonials ♥

I was at a bar being approached by numerous fuckboys. It was a Saturday night, and apparently a fuckboy convention must have just let out into this bar. I had taken my Fuckboy Repellent with me just in case. For some reason, I was drunk and instead of spraying the fuckboy repellent on myself, I started spraying it on every douche bag that approached me. I don’t know if I just found a whole new use for this product, but when a fuckboy gets sprayed with it they magically disappear. I give this product a million stars because IT WORKS!
~Amber from New York, NY

I bought fuckboy repellent for my friend because she has terrible taste in men. She absolutely loved it! Great gift packaging. You get a nice sized bottle for home and on the go, plus a sticker, magnet, and pin! It’s worth the price because not only will you get endless laughs from it, it actually smells so good! When we went out and men asked what perfume she was wearing, her answer “Fuckboy Repellent” was enough to make them leave her alone!
~Jill from Las Vegas, NV

Hilarious product. What girl wouldn’t want Fuckboy Repellent? Smells great too!
~Brittany from Dallas, TX

I was on a date with a guy that I didn’t know was a fuckboy (one of those undercover types) until said date. First of all, he took me to Hooters for our first date. Second, when I asked him what the plans were for the weekend, he replied “Saturdays are for the boys!” and then chugged his beer for no good reason at all. I thought about just going to the bathroom and never coming back but then I remembered my Fuckboy Repellent in my purse! I sprayed it on myself and refused to stop until he asked me what the hell I was doing. I replied "I’m spraying Fuckboy Repellent on so you’ll either leave, or hopefully it’ll expel the fuckboy out of you -- either way, I win." Needless to say he paid the check and left. 5/5 stars!
~Riley from Los Angeles, CA